How Can You Help?

How Can You Help?

  1. Join our online FaceBook Page

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  3. click HERE for the full sized PRINTABLE flyer
  4. print it out, post and distribute it
  5. send email to all your contacts
  6. tell NY and NJ people to do the same
  7. call or write your NY area media outlets, friends of friends etc, exploit them.
  8. Call the news shows and email them telling them about Ian
  9. Use the Tips and Info form here on this web site ANONYMOUSLY.
  10. We are not tracking the identity or IP address of users.


  • Coordinate with  Althea Bernheim ( regarding canvassing with fllyers.
  • Print out the flyers from the online link
  • Distribute on your morning commute train or bus

EVERYONE – click on any of the icons below where you have an account and you will help spread the word.  Especially be sure to click on the FaceBook’s “like” and Google’s plus-1 icons.