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Updates – No change
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It is an unfortunate fact that there have been no leads or solid news to report.

The search continues.

But until we have something solid, or at least some useful information to share, we will not be posted another of these updates.

HOWEVER, this web site and the Facebook page apre costantl;y monitored. If you have any inormation that might lead to the whereabouts of Ian, please click on the link “for Tipss and Info in the sidebar to your left.

Your contact will be as anonymous as you wish. Unless you give us your real name and email address or phone number, we will not know who you are.

All useful tip will be forwarded promptly to the family member who is handling these messages.

Thanks, Joe Harkins, webmaster

I am Ian’s dad. My two friends, John and Kevin, have brought me back home to Virginia after visiting NYC for the past several days.

I have no news, except that everyone who can help has done so, and I am very grateful. I wish to thank those in the public media who have supported our search.

We are in regular contact with the authorities who are working this case diligently and are professional at what they do. They understand all the possible methods to find Ian.

Although, we appreciate your suggestions of actions to pursue, know that they are being done. Some of these processes just take time. We are at a point where we have nothing new to report except the continued help of so many good people.

We spent Saturday meeting with some of the people who have helped us with the flyers, signs and the web. We sent out hugs to all of you working hard on our behalf. People are concerned about our welfare and want us to try to take some of our worries from us.

So you may not hear from Nancy and me posting or interviewing, but we are listening to your kind words. We also want to say to those working so hard, Please take care of yourself and hold your families close.

Ian Burnet is Missing

Your webmaster met this morning with Mark Burnet (Ian’s father). He was accompanied by friends who brought him to New York City and Jersey City to meet with local supporters who were available on short notice. He explained that he was here to extend his family’s gratitude for their love and active help in the search for Ian. The Jersey City stop was explained because Ian has cousins and friends living there who have been participating in the effort

Mr. Burnet said that law officials in Virginia and New York are cooperating and exploring many ideas and possibilities. He said that a substanial amount of their efforts involve investigations that the officials are, quite properly, not discussing with the public. He expressed respect and appreciation for their professional competence and diligence.

He confirmed that all tips and suggestions from the public are passed along through information channels that law enforcement and the family have agreed upon. Further, he offered sincere thanks to all the media attention and support, but explained the strain on himself and the family now requires that they refer further public inquiries to the authorities.

Mr. Burnet repeatedly stated, with obvious emotion, that the prayers and support of the public has been a great help. He asks that tips and information continue to be submitted either directly to the police or through this web site.


A posting on the Find Ian Burnet FaceBook page reports People Magazine’s response to an email asking that it cover the Ian Burnet story.

Thank you for your e-mail to PEOPLE. We regret that the volume of e-mail received at the magazine has necessitated this automatic reply; however, we are hoping that it will provide the information you need.


So if your cell phone has unlimited evening calling, maybe they should get a phone call like right now? One call from each one of us could mean a few thousand calls before morning. They surely would pay attention, don’t ‘cha think?


Traffic on the web site continues strong, with well over 1,000 unique visitors in the past 8 hours. This continues yesterday’s pace.

Ian’s parents, Mark and Nancy, posted a heartfelt thanks to all who are active in the search.

There have been tips posted to our anonymous form. They were immediately passed on.

The link is in our navigation menu.


As of 6:40 pm today, this web site has had almost 6,000 visitors since Midnight last night. interested in “Find Ian Burnet.”

This traffic is being driven by intense attention from newspapers, television and the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Someone – or maybe even more than one persona, – may know something that will help us bring him home.

The link on the left of your screen invites anonymous tips.

The Webmaster

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