Jan 152012
Mark G Burnet, 8:36am Sunday, Jan 15

I am Ian’s dad. My two friends, John and Kevin, have brought me back home to Virginia after visiting NYC for the past several days.

I have no news, except that everyone who can help has done so, and I am very grateful. I wish to thank those in the public media who have supported our search.

We are in regular contact with the authorities who are working this case diligently and are professional at what they do. They understand all the possible methods to find Ian.

Although, we appreciate your suggestions of actions to pursue, know that they are being done. Some of these processes just take time. We are at a point where we have nothing new to report except the continued help of so many good people.

We spent Saturday meeting with some of the people who have helped us with the flyers, signs and the web. We sent out hugs to all of you working hard on our behalf.  People are concerned about our welfare and want us to try to take some of our worries from us.

So you may not hear from Nancy and me posting or interviewing, but we are listening to your kind words. We also want to say to those working so hard, Please take care of yourself and hold your families close.

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  1. We will continue to search for Ian.

    Joe Harkins, webmaster

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