Jan 142012
Ian Burnet is Missing

Ian Burnet is Missing

Your webmaster met this morning with Mark Burnet (Ian’s father).  He was accompanied by friends who brought him to New York City and Jersey City to meet with local supporters who were available on short notice. He explained that he was here to extend his family’s gratitude for their love and active help in the search for Ian. The Jersey City stop was explained because Ian has cousins and friends living there  who have been participating in the effort

Mr. Burnet said that law officials in Virginia and New York are cooperating and exploring many ideas and possibilities. He said that a substanial amount of their efforts involve investigations that the officials are, quite properly, not discussing with the public. He expressed respect and appreciation for their professional competence and diligence.

He  confirmed that all tips and suggestions from the public are passed along through information channels that law enforcement and the family have agreed upon.  Further, he offered sincere thanks to all the media attention and support, but explained the strain on himself and the family now requires that they refer further public inquiries to the authorities.

Mr. Burnet repeatedly stated, with obvious emotion, that the prayers and support of the public has been a great help. He asks that tips and information continue to be submitted either directly to the police or through this web site.

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