Jan 122012

Police searching for a missing 22-year-old college student from Virginia have tracked his MetroCard to the 145th Street station on the northbound No. 1 line the day he disappeared.

Investigators are pursuing video footage from cameras at the station, in hopes of learning more about what happened to Ian Burnet.

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  One Response to “New Evidence”

  1. .Was this before or after his card was used on the 31st At Burger King?? We are from Williamsburg Va. We were also in Times Square the week of New Years! This was my biggest nightmare since I had 3 young adults also. Two 18 year olds and a 12 year old. My thooughts are about the credit card used on the 31st. Have you been able to verify a signature to see if indeed HE used his card? If so wouldnt it have been strange for his friends to have not heard from him the next day the 31st especially if we know he used his card on Saturday (New Years Eve)… Which is why they were there to begin with? And if he wasnt a big party guy wouldnt his friends have questioned him not coming home Friday night? My prayers and tears are for his safe return!!! Im not sure if this helps… we were at the Marriott in Time Square from the 28th thru the 2nd. There were no problems around that area within that time frame that we heard or were aware of. Although crowded it was quite orderly! Before we went, native New Yorkers informed us it was not best to go past 86th and up at night. They never said why specifically just that it was not the best area to travel especially if not familiar with the area.Again my prayers are with you!!!

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